GivCorp at Rivlife Community Centre   –  Simple and strategic CSR solutions for every kind of business.


What is GivCorp?

GivCorp is a division under the CSR programme run by RivLife Community Centre which encourages businesses and corporate organisations to invest their time and resources in meaningful community-based programmes. GivCorp under RivLife is different from other NGO portfolios as it offers quick and simple investment solutions for businesses who do not have the time to manage the administration that generally accompanies CSR programmes.

Why is RivLife perfect for your organisation?

With over 15 years on the ground, RivLife has worked with every sector of the community in Pietermaritzburg. While we understand the heartbeat of our people, we are also familiar with the distinct needs of businesses and the role you play in supporting communities. RivLife has pioneered and sustained a variety of programmes over the years and we believe that EVERY business, no matter what your niche, will find something that resonates with your organisation. From health care, early childhood development, gender empowerment and advocacy to economic empowerment as well environmental awareness, RivLife offers projects that provide support to the physical, social, economic and spiritual sectors of a community.

What are the benefits of becoming a GivCorp Partner?


  • Your organisation will be issued with an 18A tax certificate, allowing you to claim back your contribution from the South African Revenue Services
  • There is ample marketing and advertising involved through our media platforms and donor networks which will share coverage of your organisation with other individuals and businesses
  • Participating in community projects as an organisation improves team morale and strengthens the dynamics within a workforce, helping to improve the overall productivity of your business or team.

 Where do we begin?

While RivLife manages many major projects, our consistent projects are at our Drop-In Centre for Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. Our centre feeds close to 400 children a week and aims to provide meals from Monday to Friday throughout the year. GivCorp partners can engage this project by reserving one week, every month for the provision of meals. For example; your business may donate towards our feeding programme for the last week of every month in 2021. At the moment our feeding amounts to R 1 500.00 a week and covers the cost of a wholesome lunch and a beverage for approximately 80 children a day. During this week, your team will be allowed the opportunity to visit our drop-in centre and engage with our children by participating in the program for the day. During this week, each month, we will also provide free marketing on our social media platforms to help our followers, some of whom are businesses, learn more about the services your organisation offers.

Before you go:

Peruse our CSI profile for more details on our established programmes and the benefits of becoming a partner with RivLife here.