A large component of our vision includes investing in the development of youth from impoverished communities.  We believe that education and youth development are central to transforming our society. In this regard, our mission is to provide social services, counselling, economic opportunities and ministry outreach to the younger generation.

S.A.L.T (Saved and Living Transformed) is a school-based initiative of the River of Life Christian Ministries and Rivlife International Community Centre.

The programme aims to:

  • Establish connect groups in high schools to provide support for all parents and learners.
  • Facilitate and nurture meaningful encounters through prayer, worship and Biblical studies.
  • Provide a platform for critical discussions pertinent to young people through workshops and forums which are guided by a strong Christian ethos.

We are confident that this programme will assist learners in developing a positive self-image and sound decision-making skills thereby significantly improving the overall culture of the school environment.

Our vibrant SALT connect groups form the crux of our programme and functions in conjunction with our various workshops and forums.  ‘SALT Connect’ runs once a week at schools for the duration a lunch break. While attendance is not compulsory, our sessions are open to all staff and learners.