The Siyakhula Girls Project

According to research conducted by the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Human Settlements, our province ranked third highest in terms of Child-Headed Households. Studies revealed that more than 33 000 homes have been run by children aged between 4-19 years since 2010. From this report,  more than 18 000  are homes run by a female child.  This prompted a very deliberate and serious investigation as to how the development of an Orphaned and Vulnerable (OVC)  female may be significantly improved.

The Siyakhula ‘Grow Together’ Project is an initiative which will be launched in April 2020. This project strategically impacts the holistic development of the female child in a low-income community, a demographic often disregarded. The aim of the programme is to facilitate monthly workshops for girls aged 11 to 17 which aims to:

  • Provide valuable life skills and information regarding self-care and personal wellbeing (REACH)
  • Offer relief through the monthly distribution of toiletries via our donor network of ladies (RESOURCE)
  • Support through spiritual guidance and mentorship (REFORM)

This programme is Inspired by Girls, and Empowered by Women.  In other words, partnerships established through this initiative should be founded on a consistent desire and passion to restore and aid the development of young ladies through interaction and engagement. Our donors are expected to contribute their time and affection in relating to these young ladies, beyond their monthly financial donations towards donations.

Become a partner today by ‘adopting’ a young girl, and investing in her future and ensuring that she not only lives better but flourishes. 

Click here to reach out to us and find out more about how YOU can help.