The Drop-In Centre is a safe park for children of all ages to complete homework, participate in activities and receive a hot lunch after school. At present, we cater for more than 400 children every week. One of our flagship programmes is the Tree of Hope Green Club, the details of which are set out below:
The aim:

  • To promote a healthier and clean environment where everyone takes responsibility for their community
  • To create awareness on the importance of environmental health
  • To educate children on how to appreciate and care for their environment

The Context:

  •  Children from the ward 34 and 38 community (Cinderella Park, Thembalihle, Thamboville, Panorama, Eastwood and Madiba) live in poverty-stricken areas that are often very polluted. Their families become accustomed to seeing litter every day
  •  RivLife hopes to improve this environment by changing the mindset of young people and the way they see their communities. These children play on the street and are often exposed to pollution. The small incentive of pocket money for collecting recyclable materials motivates them to adopt a culture of accountability and self-sustainability

Our activities:

  • The Green-Club is responsible for gardening and recycling activities in the Cinderella Park Drop-In Centre. Every Friday, members from grade 4-7 meet to attend to their gardens and look at new ways for their community to become more responsible for their environment.


Help us by sponsoring compost, seedlings, gardening tools or any pre-loved equipment to keep our members motivated. Click the CONTACT tab on our website and fill in your details or send an email to info@rivlife.org.za with your name and how you would like to assist the green club today!